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Journalism and PR: The Search for Truth
February, 23, 2017 by Roger Bolton

Last night, I had the honor of presenting the first Larry Foster Award for Integrity in Public Communication to a journalist: Alan Murray. The award was granted by the Arthur W. Page Center for Integrity in Public Communication, an academic center founded at Penn State by the late Larry Foster, former head of communications at Johnson & Johnson.I met Alan when I was appointed by President...

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The Best is Yet to Come
January, 12, 2017 by David Samson

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2017, I want to give you a brief look ahead for the Page Society. As you may know, in 2013, the Page trustees adopted a five-year plan that envisioned a more global membership with increased opportunities for learning and engagement; a range of professional development offerings for members and their teams; and expanded thought leadership designed to advance the...

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Integrity is our guide through the fog of fakery
January, 11, 2017 by Gary Sheffer

Many people feel uncertain and uneasy about 2017, in part because of growing and relentless assaults on truth, reason and decency that have fractured longstanding foundations of public communications and policymaking.This disorientation about who and what to believe is understandable, given the wrenching and largely vacuous presidential campaign of 2016. Consider that the three U.S. broadcast...

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The digital future of stakeholder engagement
November, 21, 2016 by Arthur W. Page Society

Everyone has a friend who is a great gift-giver, and if you ask the secret it's always the same: listening for clues. Whether they realise it or not, people are constantly telling you what they want. You just have to know how to hear what they're saying. That's a powerful piece of advice for communicators.Our profession is fundamentally about people – understanding how they feel, what they...

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